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Namaste to all!

Yogavijnana means comprehensive knowledge of yoga. Yogavijnana is our life mission towards comprehending the inherent unity between the body, mind and consciousness with scientific temperament. Yogavijnana is dedicated to spread the science of yoga, by integrating concepts from both the medical and Indian scriptural world. We believe that, yoga makes an individual indivisible and thus a wholesome personality.

In a nutshell, yogavijnana is a fertile land where science of existence is cultivated with roots being the knowledge of the Vedic scriptures. We the yogavijnanis as nutrient soil, vow to hold and uphold roots. Our teachers valuable thoughts, experiences and blessings flow into the soil as water. The stem, flowers and the fruits belong to the one who is seeking an experience within!

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It's all about journey and not the destination.
Here Vinay explains from his mountaineering experience, why it is better to focus on ...

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"Undoubtedly, Vinay belongs to that rare breed of Yoga instructors who can pull together movement, breath, posture...

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