Neti Pot


The practice of nasal cleansing – known as Neti – has been used by practitioners of Ayurveda and Yoga in India for thousands of years. Jala Neti, the ancient yogic practice of nasal cleansing, is rapidly gaining popularity. Jala Neti means “water cleansing” and is one of the shat kriyas or “6 purification techniques” as per ancient yogic texts such as Hatha Yoga pradipika  and Gheranda samhita. Jala neti provides immediate relief from respiratory disorders like cold, sinusitis, allergy, asthma, hay fever etc and improves sense of smell and taste. It also cures problems associated with the eyes and ears.

We supply 3 varies of Neti pots: Plastic, Ceramic, Copper

Neti Pot –Plastic


Neti Pot – Ceramic


Neti Pot – Copper