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Gain insights on healthy eating in 'Annam Brahma' series.


"Annam Brahma," led by Dr. M.A. Alwar, explores food's significance in 6 lectures, covering spiritual, classification, preparation, Indian traditions, and yoga links.

Dr. M.A. Alwar, a Nyaya Sastra professor, brings extensive expertise, guiding research and authoring books, particularly in Ayurveda.


With honorary and editorial roles, Dr. M.A. Alwar showcases dedication to preserving traditional wisdom, offering profound insights in "Annam Brahma" into food's dimensions.

What you’ll learn
  1. Understand the concept of food in the Upanishads and its spiritual significance in human evolution.

  2. Explore the classification of food based on various criteria.

  3. Learn about the preparation, consumption, and serving of food.

  4. Examine food traditions in India, particularly in South India.

  5. Discover the role of food in the practice of Yoga.

Course Schedule


20th - 21st May 2023


10:00 am to 7:00 pm IST

Fee Structure:

Indian Residents: Free

Outside India: Free

Course Benefits
  • Gain insights into food's spiritual significance and its role in human evolution from teachings in the Upanishads.

  • Understand the classification of food based on various criteria, aiding in making informed dietary choices.

  • Learn practical aspects of food preparation, consumption, and serving for a balanced lifestyle.

  • Explore the rich food traditions of India, particularly South India, fostering cultural appreciation and understanding.

  • Discover how food intertwines with the practice of Yoga, enhancing holistic health and well-being.

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