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About Yogavijnana

Discover self-awareness through Yoga.Transform through Yoga in our serene, Pyramid-enhanced center.

About Yogavijnana

At Yogavijnana, we strive to grasp the true essence of Yoga practice, recognizing that while there are various forms of Yoga, the ultimate goal remains self-awareness.

Our approach to Yoga is tailored to the needs and temperament of each individual, broadly categorized into practice as therapy and practice as Sadhana, an instrument for self-realization. We believe that everyone is their own primary teacher, with the Guru or instructor serving as a secondary guide, whose role is to ignite the inner teacher within. Self-practice is paramount in our methodology. Emphasizing alignment and correction, we aim to cultivate a focused mind, using props to ensure proper execution of asanas regardless of one's flexibility.

Our class sequences are designed to help students find their rhythm, encouraging them to eventually follow their natural instincts beyond structured sequences. While theoretical knowledge is important, we emphasize transformative experiences, fostering a process-oriented spirit rather than a competitive one. Through this approach, we aim to create a genuine understanding of Yoga, where the journey itself becomes the reward.

Our Approach
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Our Centre

Embrace the healing power of Pyramids and immerse yourself in undisturbed practice. Our center offers amenities like changing rooms, restrooms, and a kitchen, all set amidst a blissful ambiance with a statue of Lord Patanjali.


Nestled in Bangalore's Chandra layout, our sanctuary radiates positive energy with its pyramid-shaped roof. Step into our serene 1400 sq. ft. hall and embark on a journey of profound transformation through Yoga practice.

At Yogavijnana, we delve into the essence of Yoga, where diverse practices converge into self-awareness. Our approach emphasizes individual needs, offering therapy or Sadhana. We prioritize self-practice, alignment, and experiential learning, fostering a non-competitive, process-oriented spirit.

Vinay Siddaiah, founder of Yogavijnana

Yogacharya Vinay Siddaiah

Vinay Siddaiah, a seasoned Principal Engineer, has held pivotal roles in renowned multinational corporations including Western Digital, Sandisk, Intel, and Wipro. Concurrently with his illustrious IT career spanning over 12 years, Vinay dedicated over a decade to teaching Yoga. Now, he has wholeheartedly committed his life to disseminating the profound knowledge of Yoga through his organization Yogavijnana – center for Yoga, Therapy and Research.

Internationally certified as a Yoga teacher, Vinay possesses extensive expertise in anatomy, biomechanics, and philosophy. He holds a Master’s degree in Yoga from SVYASA University and is accredited as an RYT-500 level certified teacher by the Yoga Alliance, USA. Additionally, he is recognized as a certified Yoga Master (highest level) and Yoga Therapist by the esteemed AYUSH ministry. Vinay also serves as a Lead Examiner at the Yoga Certification Board under the AYUSH Ministry. He is currently pursuing his MTech in Heritage Science and Technology from IIT-H. He is one among recognized Yoga Chikitsa Acharyas by Indian Yoga Association. 

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Our Teachers and Staff

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Our Students Say

Vidhya Ramprasad
"Vinay embodies a rare fusion of yoga mastery, seamlessly blending movement, breath, philosophy, and more. His inclusive sessions cater to all levels, offering both challenge and balance. With unparalleled connection to students, he inspires exploration and growth. Vinay's expertise and heart make him a gift to any yoga practitioner, beginner or seasoned."

Vidhya Ramprasad

HR & L&D Consultant

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