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Corporate Yoga Classes

Tailored yoga sessions for stress, posture, and workplace well-being

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Today's work environment breeds high stress, resulting in varied health issues like anxiety and obesity. Unfortunately, health often takes a backseat.

Our IT industry background equips us to advocate yoga's benefits for sedentary lifestyles. We offer customizable corporate workshops on yoga-related topics.

Topics range from the science behind yoga to its practical applications for stress relief and posture correction. We aim to enhance workplace well-being.

What you’ll learn
  1. Understand the impact of high-paced work environments on health.

  2. Recognize the various health issues caused by stress, poor posture, and a sedentary lifestyle.

  3. Explore the benefits of yoga in managing stress, improving focus, and alleviating specific ailments.

  4. Implement desk-friendly yoga practices for workplace well-being.

  5. Demonstrate the importance of yoga in enhancing employee satisfaction, reducing absenteeism, and improving workplace productivity.

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Course Schedule


Offline / Online

Course Benefits
  • Decreased stress levels lead to relief from chronic health issues like headaches, high blood pressure, and obesity.

  • Correcting wrong postures reduces common problems such as low back pain, neck pain, and eye strain.

  • Employers benefit from reduced absenteeism and lower risk of acute and chronic medical conditions among employees.

  • Enhanced employee satisfaction fosters stronger bonds and lowers attrition rates in the workplace.

  • A healthier workforce translates to improved efficiency and better overall outcomes.

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What Students Say

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Mamta Singh

I joined yogavijnana for Online classes in 2022 and I am extremely happy with the way Vinay Sir conducts the class and gives complete attention to all the online and offline yoga practitioners equally. He is very professional , hard working and absolutely dedicated to spreading true essence of yoga. I will highly recommend his classes and I am indeed fortunate to be part of the yogavijnana family.

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