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Full Moon Meditation

Experience the divine energy through meditation

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Full moon meditation is a powerful meditative practice that enhances the actual effects of meditation.

The full moon is often associated with a heightened emotional and spiritual state. Its powerful energy is believed to influence both nature and humans.

As part of Yogavijnana Foundation (Non-profit organisation) initiative, we conduct Free Full Moon Meditation sessions every month.

What you’ll learn
  1. Discover techniques to release pent-up emotions, anxieties, and negativity, leaving you feeling lighter and renewed.

  2. Gain tools to enhance your intuition and inner clarity, helping you set powerful intentions for the coming lunar cycle.

  3.  Experience a deeper connection with yourself, the universe, and your intuition.

  4. It's like a battery recharge, using the moon's energy to boost your focus and well-being.

Course Schedule


23rd May 2024


7:30 pm to 8:30 pm IST

Fee Structure:

Indian Residents: Free

Outside India: Free

Course Benefits
  • Full Moon Meditation helps in maintaining emotional balance.

  • Full moon meditations can heighten your intuition and inner wisdom. 

  • This course might help you focus on your goals and intentions with renewed clarity.

  • To know more benefits of Full Moon Meditation click on  Vinay Siddaiah who has scientifically explained more benefits of Full moon meditation.


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What Students Say

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Aishwarya Bhaskar

Fascinatingly, this institution provides a holistic approach. There is asana, meditation, pranayama, talk sessions, and many more. Mr. Vinay is doing a tremendous job in educating, encouraging, and motivating his students to be alert and aware of their bodies and minds. The deeper we understand the Yoga, the deeper we explore our life both internally and externally.
I eagerly wait for full moon day meditation. The meditation sessions boost the energy level and help to balance internal and external forces. Only experiencing will let you know the body and mind. I also consulted Mr. Vinay personally for my hand pain, and he immediately advised me of some asanas.
Mr. Vinay has been taking a lot of initiative in conducting classes to understand and utilize Patanjali's yoga sutra and observe them into our lives. His recent session on 'Yama and Niyama' was just wow. There is so much to learn, to experience, and to explore.
Mr. Vinay encourages his students to take up talk sessions related to Yoga. It has been an excellent platform to learn and improve our communicative skills.
I am looking forward to attending more sessions, attracting positive changes in my life, and being part of the Yogavijnana family!

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