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Fundamentals of Yoga

Explore the essentials of Yoga with our Fundamentals of Yoga workshop
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The workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to the basics of yoga, including philosophy, benefits, and practical application.

Over two days, immerse yourself in 1.5 hours of theory and 1.5 hours of practice each day. Delve into the science of body alignment and the biomechanics of the human body, perfect for new yogis and experienced practitioners alike.

Gain the foundational knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about your yoga practice and enhance your understanding of this transformative discipline. Join us to lay the right foundation for your yoga journey and meet the prerequisites for joining our group classes.

What you’ll learn
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  1. Learn how to approach yoga practice with a scientific mindset.

  2. Gain insights into the importance of meditation in yoga and its impact on overall health.

  3. Enhance awareness of muscles, tendons, and biomechanics through yoga practice.

  4. Recognize the importance of setting the right foundation for yoga practice.

Upcoming Batch


29th & 30th June 2024


6:00 pm to 7:30 pm IST

Fee Structure:

Indian Residents:  ₹100

Outside India:  $4

Course Benefits
  • Physical and mental wellbeing

  • Access to basics of yoga philosophy

  • Knowledge and skills for Yoga journey

  • Fulfil a prerequisite for joining yoga classes


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What Students Say

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Sharath Kotian

Manager, Sales Operations at Dell Technologies

It’s been just 15 days since I joined Yogavijnana after attending Fundamentals to Yoga workshop and I wonder what took me so long to join this place (but as they say, better late than never ). I always felt I could never make time from my schedule to do any form of physical exercise or activity, but having joined Yogavijnana, I look forward to my 5:30 am batch every alternate day, skipping it is not an option and Vinay (founder and instructor) makes the whole experience worth it. Yogavijnana has a very serene feel to it, be it the location, the ambience, the setup, the props or the instructor, and with the presence of like minded people, Yogavijnana is a complete package in itself. The things that stand out here are the Discipline, the Methord, the instructor’s involvement and the simplicity with which complex asanas are taught. If you had asked me 15 days back if I could do what I did today in terms of stretches, bends, pushes and pulls, I would have simply

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