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Rope Sirsasana Belt

₹ 600 (4m)

₹800 (5.5m)

Cotton belt with wooden stick for sirsasana support, beginner-friendly, offers spinal alignment and comfort during inversions.

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Rope Sirsasana Belt

100% cotton belt for sirsasana support with an adjustable wooden stick. Beginner-friendly for mastering inversions. Provides spinal alignment and comfort during prolonged inversions.


Use of the Product:

Provides lumbar support and stability during sirsasana practice. Can be used with various props for versatile inversion setups.

Length: Available in 4 metres or 5.5 metres.


Width:  5 cm


Height: Will be updated soon


  1. How to do Rope Sirsasana with a belt

  2. How to do rope/belt sirsasana on window rails

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