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Yoga Rope

₹ 950

Yoga ropes aid in asanas, strength, flexibility, and spinal health. Easily attachable, they're versatile for yoga practice.

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Yoga Rope

Video Title: Yoga Ropes Usages - Part-1 | 18 Ways of Using Yoga Ropes

These yoga ropes are perfect for various asanas and stretches. They help in developing strength, and flexibility, and provide spinal extension and traction. They can be easily attachable to any window, they're a versatile tool for yoga practice.


Use of the Product:  

Rope can be used in many asanas like forward and backward bending, leg stretches, and binds in different positions, creating spinal extension & traction.


Length: 3.5 metres unknotted and 2.6 metres knotted


Width: Will be updated soon

Height:  Will be updated soon

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