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Concept of god. let us understand scientifically

Updated: May 3

During early childhood days my father made me worship God regularly, but gradually this strict discipline faded away in my life when I started questioning the reason for worship. I slowly became totally against idol worship.  I remember having a heated debate with my high school class teacher where he was trying to convince me to believe in such concepts. Although many tried, I never believed that some stone should be worshiped as God, but deep within I was wondering what people are doing. People say “God is all powerful, you need to surrender to him, you need to worship him daily, you need to do pooja, visit temples” etc, but no one were able to provide proper and logical explanation for what they are doing. The question: “What is God?”, always remained.

When I started understanding it in detail, I could make striking similarities between concept of God and the concepts had read in my physics text book during my school days. We all know the famous Newton’s law of conservation of energy which states “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; it simply changes from one form to another”. Wondering where is Newton talking about God here? Basically, what is called God is nothing but a generic name given to Energy and some people call it as consciousness. You are so and so but your generic name is human being, also exists animal being, plant being and so on. Similarly the highest idea of generalization is called ‘God’ or in scientific word ‘Energy’. Let me elaborate this concept little more.

Science is doing constant experiment to find the smallest particle. During my school days I was taught that it was atom and then during college I was told it was neutrons, and then it became quarks so on and so forth till it came to the recent ‘God-Particle’. From Einstein’s famous relation E=mc2 we know that for every mass there is energy. So every smallest particle has energy associated with it. Science is interested in this energy and trying to understand how to control this energy so that they can get more control on the matter. Through this control anything is possible. You can change the property of matter, make matter transform in to something totally different (what science calls ‘alchemy’), transfer matter from one place to another (what science calls ‘teleportation’) etc. This is exactly what our Vedas talk about but just that they called this energy as Prana and through realizing this Prana i.e nothing but complete understanding and controlling, we can realize God.

Because of the same concept there is nothing called non-living thing in our ancient science. Every non-living thing has energy but just that it is manifested in different ways. Just like energy comes in different forms-Kinetic, potential or electrical, chemical etc. Like every living being even non-living things die, just that its life span cannot be experienced fully in our life term. Think of all basic science lessons on erosion of stones, friction between materials leading to its destruction, rusting or oxidization of metal,  etc all these concepts give us just a glimpse of the life cycle of non living things. Ultimately even they disintegrate and go to the earth. When we say it disintegrates and goes to the earth we are saying matter is transformed or energy is transformed from one form to another.

Energy is everywhere, and similarly Prana/God is everywhere. Energy cannot be seen but just be experienced/felt, just like God. Now we know why many people say, rather very lightly “God is within you”. All that they are referring is Prana/Energy which is there in everyone. Some people know how to get good control on it where as many people doesn’t  If you can completely control the energy within you, you can control any energy because eventually everything in the world is made up of tiny matter and by controlling energy you are controlling the tiny matter. People whom we call ‘Yogis’ are nothing but the Vedic name for our modern day scientists.

Day-by-day what science is explaining is the concept of Prana or God in our ancient texts. Finally science community realized it recently and aptly named the latest discovery as ‘God Particle’. Whether this is the end? Frankly even they don’t know. On a positive note, through this, people are getting some insight and understanding of our ancient texts. What Newton and Einstein explained is nothing but the age old concept recorded in Vedas around 5000+ year back. Just that they used right terms to explain modern community. Similarly this blog is my attempt to explain “What is God?” using right terms for modern community .

I hope you enjoyed reading it. I would like to thank my good friend, my philosophy teacher, Research scholar – Swaroop Sharma, for giving me this concept of “God as Energy or consciousness”, through which I could relate back to science to understand it better.

Still, why do people go to temple? Why they do idol worship when they have God within them? This is a topic for another blog J. Again I will try to bring out scientific reasons for this to the best of my knowledge.

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