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The positive side of the year 2020 and resolution for 2021

Updated: May 3

We are about to end the most the unpredictable year of 2020. What a year it has been for the whole world. An invisible virus ruled the world and showed human beings who are superior.  Crores were infected with corona, lakhs of people lost someone in the family, many lost jobs, many had to struggle for daily survival. No outing, no entertainment, no party, and we were living in constant fear. Still, we all managed to survive this year and that itself is an achievement. Many would blame the year but I think it has taught us many lessons of spiritual significance.

1>  However we are good at planning, things don’t happen the way we want. Life is unpredictable and let’s accept it the way it comes.  Constant change is the law of the universe.

2>  We need a strong push for self-growth. However strong we may be we all get complacent with our job and style of working after some time.  Push can come in any way and we just need to be open to it. For many we were pushed to learn new things: Teachers were innovative with online classes, students happily learn to give exams online,  Doctors started consulting online, wives starting giving a haircut to husbands, many of us learned to do all household work ourselves, etc. We need to get into uncomfortable zones to learn new things.

3> Family and relationships are important. Having used to busy lives many of us never had time to spend time with family. From that busy life, who would have imagined that during the working day instead of rushing to the office we will be sitting with the family to watch Ramayana at 9 am in the morning! Many of them took it to another extreme by relocating to their native to live close to nature and their parents!

4> Taught us what is essential and what is not. Recollect the government announcement “Whole country will be in lockdown and only essential services will be allowed”. Till then we may have not thought about what is really essential 🙂 We had failed to differentiate between want and need. What we taught earlier was essential was actually a luxury. We need to reflect on this and try to lead a minimalistic life. A life that will not be affected when the whole world locks down again.

5> We accepted the fact that the material body is perishable.  We all live life as if we are not going to die but death is inevitable. Many of us lost our loved ones this year. Some of us did not even get a chance to perform last rites or even to see our loved ones one last time. One fine day the person who was close to us became just a memory.

With this in mind, why not live a life of compassion, kindness, love, caring, and helping others. With each passing year, we have to evolve ourselves spiritually and I feel this year has taught us the lessons more strongly than any year in the past. Taking the lessons from the year 2020 why not make one resolution for 2021 which will help us to uplift spiritually.

Happy New Year 2021!

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